What if there was a single solution

to increase employee productivity…

Reduce absenteeism…
[1] [2] [3] [4]

Improve Culture…


Companies with family-friendly policies are more desirable to work for[5]

And increase gratitude from all your employees?





The total well-being application for your employee’s personal relationship

Improve the quality of employees’ intimate relationships at home;

Prevent their happy marriages or committed relationships from slipping away;

Teach them powerful communication skills, new conflict resolution skills, and clarify what they need to be happy & satisfied in their relationship like never before; and

Your employees will reward you with increased productivity, improved results, and that vanishing virtue… loyalty.



[7] [8] [9]

CoupleWise. The home for healthy relationships.
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People in Stable, Happy Relationships are Better Employees

Researchers at Harvard University recently updated their findings from their ongoing 75-year study–the longest-running study of physical and emotional well-being.[10] And the results couldn’t be clearer: the people with the deepest, most loving relationships with their spouse or partner, their family and friends, lived longer, lived healthier, and lived happier lives. Period. And employees with happy, stable home lives are really good for business: they are more engaged, more motivated, innovative, give better customer service, play more effective roles in teams, and make better leaders.

The facts are clear: The breakdown of relationships and the fracturing of families come with a very severe cost to your business. Of the ~$700 large companies spend per year on Employee Assistance Programs[11], little is spent on preventive methods designed to achieve total mental well-being & the health of employees’ personal relationships.

Increase the value of your EAP by introducing your employees to CoupleWise.

CoupleWise. The home for healthy relationships.
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A Health & Well-Being App for Relationships

CoupleWise takes the best practices of over 50 years of couples counseling and research, the wisdom of other experienced couples, and advanced technology to create a unique online and mobile application.

Clarify Your Needs

What do you and your partner need to be happy? We not only clarify those needs, but we help you meet them, and then we teach you how to communicate them in a stress-free way.

Conflict Resolution

This 5-week course teaches you how to replace arguing with empathy-based listening and conflict resolution skills to benefit not only your core relationship, but EVERY relationship in your life —family, friends, and work colleagues.

Couple’s Journey

Based on your feedback, CoupleWise builds a road map of learning, actions, and rewards designed to put you on the path to a relationship that meets your deepest needs.

CoupleWise. The home for healthy relationships.
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10 Reasons CoupleWise is Effective

CoupleWise doesn’t just give advice—it evaluates core needs and uses responsive tools to help develop skills and behaviors that lead to long-lasting, satisfying relationships.

Founding psychologist, Dr. Gary Krane PhD, has spent 10 years researching and designing innovations that allow you to work on your relationship when you’re ready, and give you real benefits you can see.

1. Insightful. Clearly & quickly understand your needs and which ones are being met or not.

2. Preventive. Learning healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflict immediately begins reducing stress in your relationship.

3. Reminders. Set reminders to help meet agreements you’ve made.

4. Guided Courseware. Access to courses & content that develop new relational skills.

5. Motivational. Built-in motivation to continue making progress.

6. Engaging. Hundreds of ways to put fun & play back into your lives.

7. Customized. Go at your own pace, get automatic suggestions tailored to your relationship.

8. Accessible. Available 24/7 on demand from anywhere.

9. Affordable. Costs pennies per day, not $100 – $300/hour.

10. Confidential. Completely private & confidential.

CoupleWise is an Enterprise Solution

CoupleWise is a cloud-based application, and is sold on an enterprise license basis, priced at less than pennies per day per employee. Click the Get Started button below to get a personal demonstration.

CoupleWise. The home for healthy relationships.
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What our couples, leading Marriage Therapists & Researchers say…

Although we’re continually rolling out new features and functions, CoupleWise has been put to the test by thousands of couples.

Marriage Therapist

(San Jose, CA)

CoupleWise is a fantastic tool for anyone in a relationship. It opened the lines of communication between my husband and myself, it was quick and easy to use, and in minutes helped us create solutions that really worked.


(Chicago, IL)

With the email reminders showing each others’ action agreements and satisfaction levels, we’ve already started to make noticeable changes. I feel more free to tell her exactly how I feel.

PhD, Psychologist

(New York City, NY)

CoupleWise gave us real direction as to where to place our efforts to create real change and improvement in our relationship. The tool proves that the Internet is an excellent vehicle for therapeutic intervention.

CoupleWise. The home for healthy relationships.
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[1] Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, 2006 study identifies 7.9M paid workdays due to partner violence.

[2] “Associations between marital distress and work loss in a national sample” site a loss of 1.7M paid sick days from relationship problems not due to partner violence. Dr’s M. Forthofer, H. Markman, M. Cox, S. Stanley, & R. Kessler, 1996.

[3] Study conducted by Mueller (2005), University of Lethbridge, Canada.

[4] Study by Marriage & Religion Research Institute.

[5] A survey of MBA graduates noted that 70% rated work-family balance as more important to them than salary (Chincilla & Torres, 2006).

[6] Estimates of $1.40 – $4.90 saved for every $1.00 spent were found in one analysis of nine companies ranging in size from 50-50,000 employees (Goetzl, Juday & Ozminkowski, 1999).

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[10]  The Grant and Glueck Study, Harvard University.

[11] Study conducted by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) estimated $693/employee in 2015.

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